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Image by Marita Kavelashvili

Everything in the world is perfect, including my desire to change it.

Ram Dass

Ways to Work With Me

Team Development

A great team has a life of its own, enlivening and enabling everyone on it. You know that, and you know that your team is capable of more.


With reflective diagnostics, powerful conversations, and new ways of working, I’m here to help you and your colleagues earn the trust required from one another to take your team to the next level.


If you’re ready for more dynamic and effective collaboration, contact me.


You are on a mission. You want to make something better. You are capable of great action, and you’ve got aspirations to match. You’re working on yourself, and you’re growing, but something is still in your way.

The obstacles you encounter around you and within you, the points of friction as you implement your dreams, they aren’t the enemy. Using somatic awareness, courageous conversations, and powerful tools from complexity theory, I'm here to help you honor and repurpose those obstacles as collaborators in a larger transformation.  


If you’re ready for more alignment between your values, your behaviors, and the world around you, contact me.

Thought Partnership

You’re an innovator and a thought-leader in leadership development, healing, or transformation. You’re changing the lives of your clients and organizations with cutting edge interventions. You’re working miracles, and it’s time for others to learn how.

Bringing a host of related frameworks and the readiness to throw them all out, I’m here to document and reverse engineer your innovations, codifying the moves you don’t even realize you’re making. When we’re done, you’ll have clear, step-by-step guides to get new practitioners replicating your magic.

If you’re ready to scale your transformational impact, contact me.

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